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Pearl & Leather Jewelry in Chester County, PA

Leather & Pearl Bracelets in Chester County, PA

freshwater pearl jewelry chester county, paMina Danielle’s flawless range of freshwater pearl jewelry in Chester County, PA is created for you by high-end fashion designer and artist Marissa Small. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Small is a second generation artisan taught by her mother, celebrated local artist and Moore College of Art Graduate Jan Pecarsky.

A Pearl For Every Occasion

Mina Danielle works with a wide range of pearls, from the timeless freshwater pearl jewelry to the stunning Tahitian black pearl necklaces. Working with unique baroque pearl in Chester County, PA, Small also incorporates pave design into her unique pearl pave jewelry, and even pearl and leather jewelry to add an authentic feel to the design.

Embrace The Pearl Bracelet

Small offers a dynamic mix of South Sea and Tahitian pearls to incorporate light and dark into one symbolic piece. Available in single, double or seven-strong stranding, our leather pearl bracelets offer something for everyone in Chester County, PA. The leather and pearl bracelet is stranded onto hand-rolled leather, adding an extra element of luxury to the piece. Our pearl pave jewelry also includes stunning pave link bracelets, mixing the singular style of a pearl with the multi-faceted semi-precious pave stones.

Pearl And Leather Jewelry

Our freshwater pearl and leather jewelry in Montgomery County, PA and Chester County, PA is truly one of a kind and includes our leather and pearl bracelet range, and our pearl and leather necklaces. Our freshwater pearl and leather jewelry encompasses all shapes, from the near-round pure pearl to the uniquely baroque. The mix of freshwater pearl jewelry, South Sea and Tahitian pearls combined with our tan hand-rolled leather creates a multicoloured design that truly stands out in Chester County, PA. Our leather and pearl bracelets are available in a range of colours, from midnight blue to dusky grey and shimmering white.

Best Pearl Pave Jewelry in Chester County, PA

pearl and leather jewelry chester county, paOur high-end statement necklaces offer a little something for everyone, and our pearl and leather necklaces are the signature design of Mina Danielle. Small uses the baroque pearl as the statement piece itself, or incorporates pearl with diamond pave for the perfect mix of pearl pave jewelry in Chester County, PA. Our wide array of chains include single or double gold or silver, quartz and even the perfect blend of freshwater pearl and leather jewelry that is synonymous with Mina Danielle. Our pearl and leather necklaces combine freshwater baroque pearls with pave beading for pearl pave jewelry.

Stunning Combinations For Everyone

Mina Danielle’s range of freshwater pearl jewelry offers something for everyone. Pair a leather and pearl bracelet from our pearl and leather jewelry range with a stunning set of pave diamond earrings. Our freshwater pearl jewelry offers the finest range of shapes, sizes and colors, perfectly illustrated with our pearl and leather jewelry set. Small’s range of perfect pearls on luxurious leather offers stunning combinations for everyone.

Check out Mina Danielle’s full jewelry range. If you can’t see something for you, message us directly for a quote on a custom design.